Tunnel bakery ovens DADEX are designed for mass production of standard bread types, all kinds of pastry, confectionary, pizza pads, special kinds of bread, etc. Being fully automatized, it represents an excellent basis for labor reduction and achieving production uniformity. They are designed for small and medium productions. They are produced in few useful widths (0.45 – 2.45 m) and desired length. The tunnel is divided into three zones with independent temperatures. Top and bottom heaters are controlled separately for each zone. The maximum temperature of every zone is 400 °C. Injection of steam is performed in the first zone, while second and third zone have the option of evaporation (by dampers). The band can run through the tunnel from 1 to 45 min and that time can be continuously changed. The Speed of the band is managed by the inverter. Complete control and regulation of the oven are performed by industrial PLC controller. Heaters are driven by Solid State Relays which provide excellent regulation of energy consumed by heaters. The user operates the oven using the built-in touchscreen display. It displays readings of all relevant parameters which can be easily changed via intuitive menus during the process, without the need for stopping the band. The band can be made of wire or metal sheet, depending on the technological demands.
If it is required by the technological process, we deliver boilers for steam generation. Dimensions and capacity of the boiler are adjusted to dimensions of the oven and technological demands of the production.
Too achieve full automatization of the production line and if it is required by your production, along with the oven we deliver automated proofing chamber. The chamber accepts products at the entrance and, after products go through it, delivers them to the oven via the delivery bridge. The chamber is coupled with the oven, so the speed of chamber is changed together with speed of the band, but of course, can be separately controlled. When all parameters are set, micro-climatic conditions in the chamber are automatically maintained. The chamber is controlled by the same processing equipment that is used with the oven.

DADEX also makes custom production lines. This means that dimensions and characteristics of the tunnel oven can be adjusted according to the specific needs of the customer. The tunnel oven band can be made of mesh wire, full metal band, metal segments or granite segments. The oven can be coupled with flow proofing chambers of various custom design, various conveyors (with different bands), spiral cooling conveyors, different sensors and automatic assemblies, all to achieve full automation of the line. The whole line is managed by a PLC controller coupled with a HMI touchscreen display.

Place your request for a custom production line to DADEX company and you will get the best offer for it.

  • Oven tunnel is divided into several independent baking zones (determined by the tunnel length)
  • Independent top and bottom temperature control for each zone
  • Independent top and bottom heaters power control for each zone(using Solid State Relays)
  • Bend speed is adjusted to fit user’s demands
  • All the baking parameters, along with band speed regulation are controlled by PLC controller (programmable logic controller). Complete user interface is made using HMI touchscreen display
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • High thermal insulation






  • Tunnel oven band can be made of mesh wire, full metal band, metal segments or granite segments
  • Steam dosage at the oven entrance. Steam is produced in special boiler
  • Optional control windows
  • Custom conveyors
  • Additional sensors and automated assemblies to achieve complete automation