Without a doubt, the most important piece of equipment in your production is bakery oven; it gives your product its crispiness, its color, its look. So it is essential that the oven meets following requirements:

• agility – ability to quickly reach the desired temperature
• control – possibility to precisely specify temperature and active energy of heaters (separately for top and bottom and for each deck)
• steam – oven needs to have enough amount of steam so it can follow the dynamics of your production
• uniformity – every product that leaves the oven must be identically baked like any other from the same deck
• simplicity – although it needs to have many features, the oven must be easy to operate
• reliability – the oven must be your trustworthy ally

Electric bakery ovens DADEX fulfill all these demands so they should be your first choice when you decide to buy new equipment. Our ovens are delivered dismantled so they can be installed in rooms with restricted access, in basements and on the floors.


  • Independent baking decks
  • Independent top and bottom temperature control for each deck
  • Independent top and bottom heaters power control for each deck (using Solid State Relays)
  • Integrated control device for each deck
  • Independent, powerful steam generators for each deck
  • Baking stove made of refractory concrete reinforced with glass fiber
  • High thermal insulation
  • Stainless steel exterior





  • Integrated touchscreen control device for each deck. The control panels have 5-phase recipes with parameter settings for each phase. The recipes and product images can be copied to other controllers with USB drive
  • Dampers for each deck
  • Glass or stainless steel door




Dimenzije etaže
Deck dimensions (mm)
Korisna površina
Baking surface
Spoljašnje dimenzije
External dimensions (mm)
3D-PEK 3006650x8201.65 m22461250x1450x200018.3
3D-PEK 3009650x12202.38 m23691250x1850x200024.8
3D-PEK 3012650x16203.00 m248121250x2250x200030
3D-PEK 3106850x6201.65 m22461450x1250x200014.8
3D-PEK 3109850x10202.55 m23691450x1650x200020
3D-PEK 3112850x12203.18 m248121450x1850x200024.8
3D-PEK 3115850x16203.80 m260151450x2250x200030
3D-PEK 3118850x18204.72 m272181450x2450x200034.4
3D-PEK 32091250x8202.19 m23691850x1250x200019.4
3D-PEK 32151250x10203.16 m260151850x1650x200022.1
3D-PEK 32181250x12204.32 m272181850x1850x200025.7
3D-PEK 32241250x16205.76 m296241850x2250x200031.1
3D-PEK 32271250x18206.48 m2108271850x2450x200034.7
3D-PEK 32301250x20207.50 m2120301850x2650x200036.5
3D-PEK 32331250x22208.50 m2132331850x2850x200038.3
3D-PEK 33271850x12206.50 m2108362450x1850x200035.4
3D-PEK 33361850x16209.00 m2132422450x2250x200043.9
3D-PEK 33451850x202010.80 m2180542450x2650x200055.2
4D-PEK 4008650x8202.00 m232241250x1450x200024.3
4D-PEK 4012650x12203.17 m236271250x1850x200032.9
4D-PEK 4016650x16204.21 m248321250x2250x200041
4D-PEK 4108850x6202.00 m23281450x1250x200019.7
4D-PEK 4112850x10203.00 m248121450x1650x200026.6
4D-PEK 4116850x12204.00 m264161450x1850x200032.9
4D-PEK 4120850x16205.00 m280201450x2250x200039.8
4D-PEK 4124850x18206.00 m296241450x2450x200044.4
4D-PEK 42121250x6203.00 m248121850x1250x200022.5
4D-PEK 42161250x8204.00 m264161850x1450x200028
4D-PEK 42201250x10205.00 m280201850x1650x200030.8
4D-PEK 42241250x12206.00 m296241850x1850x200037.5
4D-PEK 42281250x14207.00 m2112281850x2050x200043
4D-PEK 42321250x16208.00 m2128321850x2250x200045.8
4D-PEK 42361250x18209.00 m2144361850x2450x200054
4D-PEK 42401250x202010.00 m2160401850x2650x200058
4D-PEK 42441250x220011.00 m2176441850x2850x200060.8
4D-PEK 43361850x12209.00 m2144362450x1850x200050.6
4D-PEK 43481850x162012.00 m2192482450x2250x200061.9
4D-PEK 43601850x202015.00 m2240602450x2650x200085.3
4D-PEK 43721850x242018.00 m2288722450x3050x200096.6
5D-PEK 5010650x8202.50 m240101250x1450x200032.3
5D-PEK 5015650x12204.00 m245151250x1850x200040.9
5D-PEK 5020650x16205.26 m260201250x2250x200049.5
5D-PEK 5110850x6202.50 m240101450x1250x200026.6
5D-PEK 5115850x10203.75 m260151450x1650x200035.2
5D-PEK 5120850x12205.00 m280201450x1850x200040.9
5D-PEK 5125850x16206.25 m2100251450x2250x200049.5
5D-PEK 5130850x18207.50 m2120301450x2450x200055.3
5D-PEK 52151250x6203.75 m260151850x1250x200026.4
5D-PEK 52201250x8205.00 m280201850x1450x200036.3
5D-PEK 52251250x10206.25 m2100251850x1650x200039.8
5D-PEK 52301250x12207.50 m2120301850x1850x200046.7
5D-PEK 52351250x14208.75 m2140351850x2050x200053.6
5D-PEK 52401250x162010.00 m2160401850x2250x200057
5D-PEK 52451250x182011.25 m2180451850x2450x200067.4
5D-PEK 52501250x202012.50 m2200501850x2650x200070.8
5D-PEK 52551250x222013.75 m2220551850x2850x200074.3
5D-PEK 53451850x122011.25 m2180452450x1850x200063.1
5D-PEK 53601850x162015.00 m2240602450x2250x200077.2
5D-PEK 53751850x202018.75 m2300752450x2650x2000106.5
5D-PEK 53901850x242022.50 m2360902450x3050x2000120.6