Rotary and combined bakery ovens are made for small bakeries and pastry shops that want to be able to deliver just baked all kinds of products to their customers. Rotary ovens provide the best baking uniformity which cannot be achieved in any other type of the bakery oven. Trolleys that carry trays are rotating inside the stove while the turbine on the back side of the oven performs hot air pumping and mixing. This way, every product is exposed to the same heating energy and perfectly uniformly baked. Rotary ovens are the best for Danish pastry, but you can bake other products as well. The powerful steam generator delivers enough amount of steam for baking any products, even bread. These ovens have great agility, they easily reach the desired temperature and also can be quickly cooled down. All the oven functions are controlled by the integrated control panel.

The oven is placed on top of the proofing chamber which has its heating and steam generator.

Combined bakery oven consists of a rotary oven, a deck oven, and proofing chamber. Deck oven has one, two or three decks and gives you the possibility to bake products that are meant to be baked directly on the floor. Every deck has thermic stable floor and steam generator designed for smaller products. It can be used for baking of pizza, leavened pastry, burek, etc. With combined oven, every product is baked the way that its best for it.


  • Rotary cart to achieve the most even baking (rotary oven)
  • Vrata od kaljenog stakla
  • Tempered glass door
  • Baking stove made of refractory concrete reinforced with glass fiber (decks)
  • Easy to clean smooth baking surface (decks)
  • Independent top and bottom temperature control for each deck (decks)
  • Powerful steam generator (rotary oven)
  • Independent steam generators for each deck (suitable for pastry) (decks)
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 interior (rotary oven)


  • Integrated control device for each deck and rotary oven