Electric deck oven NMEL are suitable for baking of all kinds of bread, pastry, pizza, pita, etc.

Electric deck ovens line NMEL preserves all the qualities of the bigger electric deck ovens line, but packed in compact dimensions, and the ovens can fit in any production or selling area. The deck height of 180 mm and the powerful steam generator for each deck enable baking of all kinds of products, even big dough buns. The proofing chamber is integrated and it is placed bellow the oven so there is no need for additional equipment for proofing. Nice and modern design will make it a nice addition to your production or selling area.

Electric deck ovens line NMEL will inspire creativity in you!

  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Baking stove made of refractory concrete reinforced with glass fiber
  • Easy to clean smooth baking surface
  • Tempered glass door opening inside
  • Independent baking decks
  • Independent top and bottom temperature control for each deck
  • Independent top and bottom heaters power control for each deck (using Solid State Relays)
  • Integrated control device for each deck
  • Independent, powerful steam generators for each deck
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 interior
  • High thermal insulation
  • Integrated touchscreen control device for each deck. The control panels have 5-phase recipes with parameter settings for each phase. The recipes and product images can be copied to other controllers with USB drive
  • Dampers for each deck
  • Glass or stainless steel door


Dimenzije etažže
Deck dimensions (mm)
Korisna površina
Baking surface
Spoljašnje dimenzije
External dimensions (mm)
Power (kW)
1NMEL1850x6700.55 m221260x1080x13009.8
2NMEL2850x6701.10 m241260x1080x160014.8
3NMEL3850x6701.65 m261260x1080x190021
3NMEL3+1250x8703.25 m2121660x1280x190027.9
4NMEL4850x6702.20 m281260x1080x200027.3
4NMEL4+1250x8704.25 m2161660x1280x200036.5